Think of Fidem as your outsourced CFO.  We take the information you or your staff enter into QuickBooks, prepare financial statements, analyze them and, most importantly, present this information to you in an clear, concise format. 

Gone are the days of estimating your success based on how much is in your checking account. Besides stellar academic credentials, we also have over 25 years of credit analysis experience in the commercial banking industry. 


You've been more successful than you could have imagined but now you're at a cross-roads.  Is the company ready for the next phase of growth, what does that look like, what kind of investment will it require, who will provide that investment and what are the potential returns?

Whether its for a new venture, an additional business line or a potential acquisition, Fidem possess the capabilities and expertise required to provide the type of high level analysis and forecasting needed to answer these question and get you to where you want to go.